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Methadone Treatment Alderwood

Methadone Treatment Alderwood Clinic, Etobicoke

Are you struggling to get recovered from opiate addiction?

It would help if you had a helping hand. At Alderwood Medical Center, we put you on a quick recovery path. Offering methadone treatment in Etobicoke, we save lives marred by drug abuse.

We run several de-addiction programs at our drug rehabilitation centre. It doesn't matter how dependent your life has become on opiate or other drugs. Our drug de-addiction specialists know how to help you make a comeback.

Escape from drug addiction with proven rehab plans, Call Us at (647) 358-4444 to get more details.

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Beat the Drug Addiction

Time-Tested Treatment Plans

Recovering from substance abuse or opioid-based drugs isn't an easy task unless you have got a proven rehabilitation plan just for you. Trials don't work.

You need a time-tested de-addiction program, and our clinic is trusted for decades. Our doctors offer methadone as a recovery plan as it has been found effective for successfully treating addicted patients.

Why Should You Choose Alderwood Clinic for Drug Recovery?

We are a top-rated clinic for drug recovery. We could help you get back on your feet when you need it the most. Here's why people choose us:

  • 100% recovery rate
  • Licensed medical facility with experienced staff
  • Personalized recovery plans to ensure speedy recovery
  • Trusted clinic with community presence for nearly three decades
  • Comprehensive de-addiction plans
  • Experienced & certified drug-addiction recovery specialists

If drug abuse has taken a toll on your life and you're finding it hard to make a comeback, call us today to make an appointment. Don’t wait.

Personalized Addiction Recovery Plan

That Works

If you are searching for methadone treatment in Etobicoke that o ffers personalized medication plans, our medical centre acknowledges your needs for bespoke medication plans and provides the best of them. Drug addiction doesn't have to last forever, and we are here to make a faster comeback with personalized attention and recovery plans.

Don’t let your life slip into the clutches of codeine, morphine, heroin or other opiate-based drugs. Talk to us to get recovered from drug addiction.

Consider Alderwood Medical Center - A Name You Can Trust for Rehabilitation. Serving the community for three decades, we've helped hundreds of drug addicted patients recover without any side-e ffects.

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Linda Des

So far I had good experiences with receptionist and doc.

Lilia Hazzard

I called this morning with a scratchy voice, because I had seasonal allergies for 3 days and can't really slept at night. Did call and the receptionist today told me that I can come in right away and they can take patients without appointments, (thank you for that wonderful lady receptionist, you are very nice to every patients). Dr. Alam, you are the best and thank you for the laugh earlier, I am hoping you will live longer and healthy.

Jay Naeem

Dr. Alam is awesome!


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