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The Savon Drug Mart idea started way back in the Alderwood region when Mr. Nash Harvey wanted to serve his community and offer discount drugs. The founder has always gone the extra mile to serve the community by providing every medicine for the young and the old at the Savon Pharmacy

Many visitors are coming to this pharmacy for the last 50 years, and they are being provided their medications on time with delivery or refill services. If you are looking forward to the best pharmacy in the Alderwood community, then you should drop by and speak with one of pharmacists. 


By paying attention to every detail, we make sure that your prescription is ready in 10 minutes or less.


Patents can place fill, refill, or transfer their prescription online. Prescriptions can be picked up at the the Etobicoke, Alderwood pharmacy location, or delivered. 


Patients can get free delivery for their medicine on the same day if the pharmacy receives prescription before 2:00 PM. If prescription is recieved after 2:00 PM, we will deliver it the next day.

Why Choose SAVON Drug Mart Pharmacy?

No Long Waits

Free Delivery

Free Parking at Savon Pharmacy

Free Refreshments

Free Wi-Fi

Quick Transfers of Prescriptions

Paperless Refill

Friendly Consultation

Linda Des

So far I had good experiences with receptionist and doc.

Lilia Hazzard

I called this morning with a scratchy voice, because I had seasonal allergies for 3 days and can't really slept at night. Did call and the receptionist today told me that I can come in right away and they can take patients without appointments, (thank you for that wonderful lady receptionist, you are very nice to every patients). Dr. Alam, you are the best and thank you for the laugh earlier, I am hoping you will live longer and healthy.

Jay Naeem

Dr. Alam is awesome!


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