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How to Get The Flu Shot During COVID-19

Even if everyone is socially distant, there is still a problem. The flu is always a possibility this year, particularly with the holidays approaching. The flu is especially harmful to the elderly and young children. You are not only protecting yourself when you get vaccinated; you are also protecting other people you may come into contact with, including those who are unable to get the vaccine. Visit the Walk-in Clinic Etobicoke to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Characterization of Covid Flu

  • Furthermore, hospitals see a rise in patients due to the flu every fall and winter, and there is fear that they will become overrun with COVID-19 and flu patients.
  • Just a few cases of patients infected with SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and an influenza virus at the same time have been documented in the medical literature. 
  • Several patients were admitted to intensive care. Still, the numbers are so tiny, and most studies focus on hospitalized patients rather than outpatients, and we don't know enough about this issue to draw any conclusions just yet.

Symptoms and other Significant Variations

  • In terms of symptoms, COVID-19 tends to be more common than influenza in terms of loss of taste and smell, although it's important to note that not everyone with COVID-19 experiences a difference in their sense of taste or smell.
  • Other significant variations concern transmission, which explains why COVID-19 has been so difficult to monitor. 
  • With COVID-19, you tend to be contagious for a more extended period than with influenza. When it comes to the flu, people become infectious about a day before they show symptoms and are contagious for about seven days after they do. 
  • Our best estimate for COVID-19 is that you will become infectious two days before symptoms appear and remain contagious for up to ten days afterward, though new knowledge on this subject is constantly being published.

Asymptomatic Characterization

  • A more significant number of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases tend to occur than asymptomatic flu cases. 
  • Furthermore, the death rate for COVID-19 tends to be higher than that of influenza.
  • With COVID-19, there tend to be more super-spreading events than flu: While both viruses are mainly distributed through droplets, it seems to be transmitted more quickly through the air. 
  • Finally, flu tends to have a higher risk of complications and death in healthy babies and children than COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

Antibodies produced by your immune system in response to the vaccine only last about six months. However, influenza is a tricky virus. Individual strains circulating in the population change from year to year, so the previous year's vaccine does not include the currently circulating strains. Specific strains of the virus often mutate regularly, allowing them to evade our immune system and cause disease. 

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